Thursday, September 21, 2017

Indian Summer - new this week! and a gloriously fall cluster to share tonight

Hey everyone!  If you check into my blog or FB page this week, you know that there has been bad news/followed by good news - - I keep those who had the bad news in my thoughts and prayers, and right now am holding a small victory close to my heart.    I had a small spot on my brain found about 3 weeks ago during a routine MRI check.   Scared me half to death, because once something gets thru what they term "the blood barrier" of the brain - well, your chances go way down.   It was very small, and being on chemo again, my radiology oncologist wanted to wait to see how I responded to chemo (for the spot on the liver) before proceeding.  I was worried, since I've been told that chemo doesn't work on the area's of the brain so much - - anyway, had another MRI check this past Monday, and there is NO EVIDENCE of any cancer in my brain at all :)  NONE!   That means it's working , doing it's job..and I don't need another recheck of my head for 3 more months.  WHEW!    Finishing up this week of chemo - which will be the last for a while.  I have a CT of my chest to check on that liver spot in 3 concentrating on that one for now.   All in all?   I can breathe again, and smile :) - and know I'll be around for another Christmas :)  I hope your week was a good one! 

This week I have something that I went a little wild on color-wise :)   Indian Summer comes alive with color and all the fun things included to scrap with!  Best of all, it's on sale until Monday at midnight for 30% off at The Digichick - and be sure to come back to check for more cluster freebies - I have some beauties to share with you, including tonights cluster from Anita!   Have a great day/weekend - see you soon!

and a little inspiration!

Aren't those fallishly fabulous?  I love my Creative Team!

Just click on the image to download.  See you tomorrow! - Kim

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

$2 Tuesday until midnight tonight & an adorable Remember Me cluster to share tonight.

Long day in Lacrosse - the first day of a chemo cycle always is.  You get more "drugs" on the first day - at least in my treatment.  However, they are antinausea drugs and steroids, which really help - so I won't complain.  Just worn out from a very very long day :)  Hope your Tuesday was a good one - speaking of which, $2 Tuesday sales continue thru midnight tonight at The Digichick!

Tonight I have an adorable cluster that Olga made using Remember Me to share with you.  Sneak Peek tomorrow!

Just click on the image to download.  See you tomorrow! - Kim

Monday, September 18, 2017

Good news for me, and an awesome quick page from Anita tonight! Sale ending...$2 Tuesdays begins!

Got some good news on an MRI had done this morning - a spot I had been very concerned with has "disappeared" with this new round of chemo - - you can't ask for more than that - means I'll be around for at least 6 more months :)  I get another Christmas, and right now, lemme tell you - I feel blessed :)

Tonight I have an awesome quick page that Anita made with Remember Me to share with you.  The collection is on sale until Monday (tonight) at midnight.  $2 Tuesday will also be starting this evening (in a few hours) so stay tuned!

Just click on the image to download.  One more to go so see you tomorrow! - Kim