Saturday, April 21, 2018

Good Times and a cluster to share!

We had fun watching All The Presidents Men last night...and I was genuinely surprised that it followed The Post so closely as a "prequel".   Very good indeed!  Tonight we continue the theme with Nixon, starring Anthony Hopkins.   Anthony did such a wonderful job with that role - and it's been a long time since I've seen it, has to be good right?   Steak and Noodles Romanoff tonight....our favorite noodles.  Homemade of course since darned old Stouffers stopped making them a few years (actually a LOT of years ago now) - but my recipe tastes just like theirs it's a winner.  Hope you have a great Saturday night!    Tonights cluster is from Chrissy :)

Just click on the image to download!  See you tomorrow!.....

Friday, April 20, 2018

Catch up from yesterday and one for tonight!

Long day yesterday naturally -  but eventually got my treatment, and we headed home.   Made us some supper, and we watched "The Post"  - which we found SO GOOD - a wonderful prequel to All The President's Men, which now we are going this evening for Eric's birthday supper.   We are having smoked beef brisket sammies and spagetti salad....with choco/PB cake for dessert.   That's the plan anyway - while I still have energy.  Hoping I don't crash again - but probably will over the weekend.   Everything with me right now is good, except my thyroid is acting up, which is a side effect of both chemo and immunotherapy.  Figures, right?  I'll be on meds for that the rest of my life.   Hypo-thryoidism is what they called it....take one little pill each morning.   That's it.   Well.  So far.   But all in all, not bad....labs are back to normal.    I feel decent so far today, so thought I better post while I  1 - remember;  2- am awake!  Have a great day.   Two fer for yesterday and one for tonight!   First is a QP from Jenni, the second from Anita.

Just click on the images to download!  See you tomorrow!.....

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

TWO clusters.....and no I didn't forget, lol!

You thought I forgot again, didn't you?  Nope....just slept away most of the day and just now catching up.  You new "normal".   So, I am posting two I am leaving tomorrow around 3/4 pm for Madison again.   One for  Tuesday ,  one for Wednesday.     The first is from Jenni.....the second from Anita, both made with Everyday Stories - A Boys Adventure of course - still on sale for 30% off!

Just click on the images to download!  See you Thursday!.....